No one could deny that the beaches of Kimolos are all unique, special and cater all tastes. Blue and green waters, deep or shallow, you can find organized, but also isolated beaches which are approachable by the road network or accessed via hiking trails. The northern beaches are always an attraction for visitors by boat.


Our most famous beach. Green, almost transparent waters are truly a little paradise. Every day tourists of the island but also day trip visitors from the island of Milos choose it for at least a few hours to enjoy its white thick sand, which sand is essentially the mineral of Kimolia.

  • Ellinika

A sea with hidden treasure at its bottom. Ellinika is the sunken state for many characterized as the lost Atlantis. With your mask you can swim over the old sunken city of Kimolos, which was lost after the earthquake of the volcano of Santorini several years ago.

  • Mavrospilia

We claim the title of the most beautiful Sunset. On the west side of the island, at the end of the road network, you will find the most beautiful Cycladic sunset. The colors, the sea and the rock formations in and around the beach can fill you with countless photos and memories from our island.

  • Bonasta.

The most ideal choice for families with young children. A beach with salty and shallow waters for a relaxing swim. Several times it has been selected by careta-careta moms who lay their eggs to hatch there.

  • Rema – Goupa – Karras.

The three options for diving. Rocks with natural steps and a unique seabed will make you go a second and third time. In Rema, you will find an elephant-shaped rock that has been carved by the wind and the waves.